Smash the Bumps 2023

Save the date: 8. April 2023

Event Buckelpistenevent Smash The Bumps Kleine Scheidegg

Mogul Event at Kleine Scheidegg

Once again it`s time to get back to the roots! Do you remember, back in the days, when we all used to be thrilled to find moguls on the slopes? do you still have the guts, the skills and the style to ski moguls?

That is precisely what we want to find out, with our new event, "Smash the Bumps" now running for the second time at Kleine Scheidegg. Each rider has a qualifying run to earn points from the three judges. After the qualifiers, you`ll have to convince the judges again to make it all the way through the rounds of the knock-out final to become the winner of "Smash the Bumps" 2022. Get ready for a bumpy ride and rock`em moguls!




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Judgment criteria:
• Style
• Technique
• Dynamics


Ranking`s SAMSH THE BUMPS 2022

















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