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Firmenskirennen Schweizer Skischule Kleine Scheidegg

Ski where the pros go for glory! the world-famous FIS race course at the Lauberhorn could be the venue for your company`s racing event. The start section of the race slope is ideal for both a fun event, or a more competitive company competition.

The format of the event is your choice. For example, you could opt for the classic two-timed runs, with the fastest overall time wining. Alternatively, a more relaxed but not any less interesting competition could be based on measuring time differences of two runs: the skier achieving the smallest difference between two runs wins. The decision is entirely yours.

Of course, alternatively to a racon on the Lauberhorn World Cup race slope, we are happy to arrange a race event on any other suitable slope in the area, all according to your specific requirements. 

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